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Monday, September 21, 2015

Inaugural High Time Ball Drop - September 24

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It's finally here....the event we have all been waiting for!

The free reception is "sold out"! But if you just wish to come and view this spectacle, please feel free to do so!


Thank you for your patience! It will be worth the wait!


New event for Selkirk Biz ! This unique fundraiser, with net proceeds to the Selkirk & District Community Foundation, gives ticket buyers a chance to win up to $3000 in cash if your ball is "dropped" closest or in the target. How is it dropped you ask? We have arranged with Prairie Helicopters to drop up to 900 golf balls over the target, which is located at Larter's at St. Andrew Golf Course. Each golf ball is numbered to correspond with the tickets sold. Thanks to all ticket sellers...and good luck to all ticket purchasers!


Selkirk Biz Golf Ball Drop

Posted by Sheri Skalesky at 12:00 AM


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